Strength And Honor Campaign

More than 80,000 shops could close by 2017 without overhaul of business rates- Telegraph UK.

25 small shops close each week- This is Money.

Click to Enlarge the ImageToday world is being consumed by greed. Where in the name of competition large companies, chain businesses, corporations are tricking and forcing small businesses to run out of business. Today everyone who thinks and likes to live a life of an independent human being their lives, families are being threatened by these profit monsters, who do not believe in any sentiment, love, care but profit. Today media, advertisement, and movies everything is trying to convince you the way or standard of living for every life. Where you are supposed to spending half of your life in boxes what they call cubical in these corporations and you are supposed to live like they want you to live for these corporations and their profit. They are trying to make you believe that shopping malls, multiplexes are the only reality and small shops or business never exist, does not exist and should not exist. We were running marketing campaign in UK and during these campaign we got to know how many small shops are being closed every day and how many are in the verge of collapse. These shops used to be identities of the place or locality now these shops are losing its own identities. Therefore as an exporting company, supplier or business and human being we are initiating #StrengthAndHonor campaign worldwide, where we will help every small shop, business by supplying any daily consumable products which has highest quality and the lowest price. In order to achieve this next to impossible task we have made a decision that, in order to help these small business if we are not able to make a single dollar profit we will still help them by supplying their desired and required product for survival of these small shops and businesses. Now my humble request to everyone whoever thinks society is not just about big buildings, shopping mall, shopping complex or multiplex, please help us to spread the world. If you think that small businesses must survive as many dreams, memories, hope depends on small business please share our thoughts, so together we can make the entire world hear and we can help as many businesses as possible. If you know any small business owner pleClick to Enlarge the Imagease tell that person, don’t close your business we can help you. If you are a small or medium business or shop owner no matter where you live, no matter how you look like, no matter what language you speak we can help you.

Thanks and Regards,

(Abhijit Das)
Managing Director,
EximInfinities Private Limited


Any small or medium shop owner from any part of the world can avail this benefits. Where we will supply you, any daily consumable best products such as Swiss watch and chocolate, Indian pure cotton cloths, Italian Leather shoes etc along with highest quality goods from all around the world, as per your requirement without any limit. For first 365 days from the date of first order just for $0.99 (USD) profit per order.

  • Any small or medium shop owner whose business is in verge of collapse can avail this benefits by convincing us with any document or communication.
  • Any shop owner who is eligible he/ she can order using phone or email without going through any difficulty and entitled to receive the products at his/ her shop.
  • There is no need to sign any contract.
  • You don’t have to go through any paperwork or legal formalities. We will deliver your order directly at your shop.
  • You can order goods worth upto $1500 using PayPal.
  • No Hidden fees or charges. We will charge you only (Product’s actuals cost + Transport Expenses + Customs and legal fees for your respective country + $0.99) and deliver your product at your shop.
  • We also give you the option to opt in to receive the product and clear it from sea or airport through customs by yourself.
  • You are entitled to order unlimited products for 365 days from the first date of order, as per your requirement just for $0.99 USD commision per order.