Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, EximInfinities Private Limited has been registered and incorporated under the company registration act of Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India. Our CIN Number is:U74999DL2016PTC300657.

Yes, EximInfinities Private Limited has received licence from Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) India, along with Import Export Code (IEC) to get involved in Import Export business. Our Import Export Code (IEC) is 0516933876.

Please refer to our Products we Deal with page to get the latest list of product which we deal with.

No, for various reasons we do not deal with every products which have been exported and imported by others. Please refer to Products we do not deal with page for detailed and updated list.

We do not deal with big business chains or corporate organizations. We deal with small and medium size entrepreneurs (SME) such as goods producer, farmers, small or medium shop owners. 

We take care every responsibilities from the beginning to the end for Export business. Where you would be only responsible to produce goods or corps and hand it over to us. We take active role in Promotion and advertising in overseas, finding Import agent, finding reliable buyer, sending samples to interested buyers, obtaining purchase order, obtaining Kimberly Process certificate or Certificate of Origin (if required), branding, packaging, transportation, receiving payment from the buyer and paying payments for a farmer or producer's exported goods.

We take various responsibilities while importing any product from any country to another country. If the producer/seller has exporting rights and privilege, we take responsibilities for promotion/advertisement, finding reliable seller and negotiating deals. After seller/producer ships the product and it arrives to sea or airport we take responsibility to clear customs, transport, store, packaging, branding and supplying the goods to buyer, receiving payments and paying producer/sellers his/her payments.

However if the producer does not have exporting right or privilege, we promote and advertise the product in different countries and find a reliable buyer, then we use our business collaboration and subsidiary companies for branding, packaging, transportation, customs clearance, shipping in order to receive the product from origin country to destination country. Once the goods arrive in sea or airport in destination country, we take responsibilities to clear customs, transportation, branding, packaging, supplying the goods to buyer, receiving payments and paying the producer/seller his/her payments.

We conduct Import Export business for entire world, even if a product which is being produced in a different country and to be supplied to any country other than India. For an Example: If a product is being produced in China and it needs to be sold in United States, we also deal with this kind of transactions.

We offer various services to buyers and sellers depending on their need. We do anything and everything to export or import goods except producing goods. We offer various services including branding, packaging, storage facility, advertisement or promotion, finding reliable buyer, negotiating deals, transport, getting certificate of origin or Kimberly process certificate (if applicable), customs clearance, supplying goods, receiving payments from buyer, providing payments to seller.

We usually charge 10% commission per transaction. However charges for our services may vary on service you need, product, and quantity you are interested to buy or sell. We request you to contact us for charges along with product information and quantity. However we can assure you that our charges are very nominal and chances for you to make more profit is higher since we deal with direct producer and buyer leaving no middle man/ agent/ agency in between. So, usually we do not charge anything extra other than our fees. 

We use various mode of payments for our business transactions such as PayPal, Letter of Credit (LC), Cheque, Bank/ Wire Transfer, Documents against Payments (DAP). For small quantity orders upto $1500 USD our most preferred mode of payment is PayPal, for more than $1500 transaction our preferred payment methods is Letter of Credit or Documents against Payments.

No we do not sell against cash. As per Indian Export policy every business transaction must be completed through bank.

Absolutely not. We never request you to send money via wire transfer in any personal account than our business account, neither we ever will. We do not practice any misconduct or illegal or unethical method by any meaning.

Usually we do not ask our clients to pay any advance payment before the good is being shipped or arrives at your nearest seaport or airport. Mostly we request the buyer to initiate a letter of credit from his/her bank and provided it to us. Once we receive the LC and cross check with our bank of its authenticity, we instruct producers to initiate the shipping process or manufacturing (if required). If the producer is skeptical or if he/she needs advance amount of money to complete the order, we might ask you for an advance payment. However, the chances would be always less.

You are free to ask for an advance payment, before initiating sales or export process. However we encourage you to not to request any advance payment before completing the export or sale process. Because it may reduce the opportunity to complete the deal, if the buyers or importers become skeptical or feel uncertain or insecure.

Absolutely not. We do not charge you anything until a deal is closed or export process is completed. We only ask to pay in advance when you are buying/importing and if the producer asks for advance payment.

No, we do not involve you in any contractual exclusive business obligation for certain period of time. You are free to do business with us as long you want. And you are also free to stop doing business with us any point of time, without giving any prior notice. We believe you have all the rights to choose who to do business with and who to not, and we do not want to take away the right from you and we never will.

We do not impose large quantity as minimum order quantity like other export import companies. We allow you to order in small quantities depending upon your requirement. For an example our minimum order quantities are 20 pairs for shoes, 20kg for Mango etc. Overall we allow you to order any quantity for minimum price $400 USD.

No. We cannot show different price in the invoice than payment amount since it's illegal and not legitimate way of doing business.

  1.  The Letter of Credit(LC) must be valid and issued from genuine bank. We will verify through our bank about the authenticity of LC before sending the shippemnt.
  2. The LC must have validity of 1-6 months from the date of shipment.
  3. The LC must be irrevocable.
  4. The LC could be transferable or non-transferable.

After receiving Letter of Credit, we send the LC to bank for verification. It takes 3 business days for our bank to confirm the legitimacy of the LC. Once we get confirmation or if we receive advance payment, we initiate packaging process. If you have opted for oversea mode of transportation then we inform you that your consignment would be loaded on ship within 25 days. However it takes around 7 to 15 days to load the consignment on the ship, to be safer side, avoid any hussle or unwanted circumstances we give you a date after 25 days from the day of advance payment or LC confirmation.
However, if you opt for air transport then we give you loading date, 15 days from the day of advance payment or LC confirmation. Although it usually takes 7-10 days.
Once your consignment is loaded it will take time depending upon origin and destination distance and transportation mode.

In order to ensure that buyer dose not face any difficulty mostly we send Cost Insurance Freight(CIF) basis consignments where Insurance and shipping charges paid and billed by us. Where a buyer dose not has to worry about Insurance and Shipping. And the buyer is clear to receive his/her/their consignment at their desirable port or shop/ address depending upon his/her/their requirements .

#StrengthAndHonor is an initiative by EximInfinities Private Limited. Where we are committed to help by supplying any daily consumable highest quality products for lowest price, for 365 days to any small and medium shop owners worldwide, whose business is in verge of collapse or financial deficit(loss).

Under #StrengthAndHonor initiative you can order any daily consumable products as per your requirement for 365 days from the first date of order. In order to supply these product we will charge you $0.99USD only per order as commision instead of regular 10% commision.

Any shop owner from around the world is eligible to avail this opportunity by convincing us that his/her/their business is in verge of collapse or financial deficit, by submitting any document or verbal or email communication.

There is no geographic restriction. No matter where you are, if your business is under verge of collapse or financial deficit, then we would be more than happy to help you to turn your business around, by supplying any daily consumable product depending upon your requirement.

Any shop owner around the world who is eligible for #StrengthAndHonor initiative, can avail these benefits for 365 days from the first date of order.

Even after 365 days if your business still in financial deficit, you would require to submit legal documents such as audited Balance Sheet etc in order to avail benefits again under #StrengthAndHonor initiative. Post 365 days if you find that you do not need to avail benefits under #StrengthAndHonor initiative or your business is generating profit then we would charge you normal 10% commision for every order.

If we are able to help you to turn your business around and generate profit, then we urge you to not to opt for #StrengthAndHonor initiative again. If you opt out, then we would be able provide the benefits to someone who is in need. However if your business still faces financial deficit even after 365 days from the first date of order under #StrengthAndHonor initiative, then you are welcome to avail the benefits again by submitting audited documents.

There is no order limit under #StrengthAndHonor initiative. You can order unlimited products as per your requirement in various quantities.

There is no specific or different minimum order quantity under #StrengthAndHonor initiative. We offer you the same quantity, as per our normal order quantity. You can order any quantity of minimum price $400 USD.

#StrengthAndHonor initiative you can order any daily consumable products such as clothes, footwear, watch, chocolate, rice, fruits etc along with our listed exportable products.