EximInfinities Private Limited is an Indian Export Import & Manufacturing company registered and incorporated under the act of Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India on May, 2016. Currently our corporate office located in Kolkata. From the date of incorporation EximInfinities has shown significant growth and able to secure long list of clientele and we have been praised by our clients for our efforts. We possess all valid document including Export Import license to conduct all our businesses.

We work mainly work in following five categories :

  • Electronics & Solar Manufacturer: Recently we have started manufacturing solar powered electronic devices to transform our society towards more cleaner and greener future. We are heavily invested in electronics manufacturing and equipped with robust infrastructure to manufacture and service any kind of electronics devices. And we will continue to do emphasis and invest on solar energy, solar powered and in various electronics devices in future as well.
  • Merchant Exporter: We are also involved in exporting various electronics products produced by us in various countries across the globe.
  • Export management company (EMC): We also work as EMC where, we take care of every responsibilities of any domestic producer or farmer who wants to sell his/her products overseas. Where the producer's only responsibility is to produce the product and handing it over to us. And we take care of the rest including Promotion and Advertising in foreign markets, finding sales agent, finding appropriate and reliable buyer, getting origin/Kimberly Process certificate, Packaging, Branding, Transport, getting customs clearance, loading goods in ship/flight and export the product to the importer, and finally receiving and providing payments to the producer for the goods. Where a producer do not need to think or worry about anything else except producing the quality good which he/she has specialization on.
  • Export trading company (ETC): We also work as ETC where, foreign producers or farmers contact us to help them to sell their goods in domestic or different international markets. Where we take entire responsibilities for promotion or advertising, finding appropriate and reliable buyer, importing the produced good from the producer, clearing customs formalities, Branding, logistics and supplying the imported goods to the buyer, receiving payment from the buyers and proving payments to the producer for produced goods.
  • Merchant Importer: To meet various needs of our clientele and our own manufacturing concern we are also involved in importing various electronics components and goods from various parts of the world.

Our Vision

EximInfinities is a unique company of its own and never could be compared with any other export import companies. We believe that a business must have other reason to exist except generating profits. Where it touches, transforms lives, not by creating jobs only, by creating a different world and perception about business into people's minds. We never engage in any business with multinational/ national retail corporations or chains, as we understand that big corporations or chain businesses as they understands nothing but profit; where feelings, ethical and human responsibilities seems illogical and undesirable. And we will never engage in any business with any of the big corporation and chain business in future as well. On another hand small and medium size entrepreneurs not only care for their customers and their families they also care the people involved around their businesses. Therefore we were, we are and we always will stand by small, medium businesses' side.

Our Mission

Generating profit is secondary target for us. EximInfinities has been primarily established in order to encourage and help small and medium size entrepreneurs, who are producing quality products and do not get enough exposure to the world they deserve. We are actively helping these kind of producers to sell their products in overseas market to shop owners for better profit of the producer and shop owners. That is the reason promoting, helping small and medium entrepreneurs, shop owners and their products is our primary and first objective, making profit while helping them is secondary.