EximInfinities is a unique company it’s own and never can be compared with any other export import companies, since we do not follow the conventional export or import procedure.

Conventional Export / Import Process

Conventional Export Import Procedure: In a conventional procedure a product goes through so many hands between farmer's field or producers factory to end user. Whenever a products reach its users via so many hands the price of the products increase, since every hand gets a fraction of profit. And at the end of the day, the end user has to buy the product for higher price, where farmers or the producer does not get paid 10% of the final selling price. Above illustration shows journey of 250 grams of cotton from farmer’s field to end user via so many hands and how the price increases of the product.

Our Export / Import Process

Our Export Import Procedure: We take the complete responsibility and active role to collect products from farmers/ producers against higher price than the current market price, process it (if require), sell it directly to retailers and channel partners leaving no middle man between except us. Therefore we are able to increase farmer, producers and shop owners revenue by 200%, and provide the product to end user for comparatively much lower price than the market price. Above illustration shows how we take active participation for purchasing goods from producer/ farmers, processing and supplying directly to retailer, and how we are able to increase farmers, producers and retailers revenue and sell the product on much lower price in compare to Conventional Export Import Procedure for the same 250 grams of cotton.