Why you should choose Us?

We follow increase customer's revenue first own second principal as we understand if your business flourish then grow with you. Infinities Exim's primary and first objective is increasing your revenue through Exporting and importing the products you need to sell or buy. Besides we are not eager to do business with any big businesses or chain business as big corporations do not have other goal except making money. On the other hand we believe that a business should have a reason to grow or continue its operations except generating more and more revenue. We also believe that a business must have responsibility to make better world and future for many people just not by creating job opportunities, by its actions and policies. So we have pledged to help Small and Medium Entrepreneur (SME) by increasing their revenue and sales by Export and Import. There are various reason why one entrepreneur should choose us depending on Importer and Exporter prospective.

Exporter's Point of View

1.    Finding Buyer: Most of the Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) or farmers do not know how to find buyers in overseas. We take care of finding reliable buyers for our clients.

2.    Finding Reliable Buyer: Sometimes Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) or farmers try to export their product with hope of more profit than domestic market. However due to lack of knowledge and experience sometimes they engage in business with unreliable or unethical buyer who does not pay or partially pay for the product, leaving the seller in huge loss. We find reliable buyers for our SMEs and farmers. Once we check authenticity and confirm that the buyer is a genuine and reliable person or organisation, we start export process to ensure that the seller never gets cheated.

3.    Avoiding Too Many Middle Agents: Often Small and Medium Entrepreneur (SME) or farmer produces high quality goods and sell it in domestic market in a comparatively less price to one trader. The trader sells the same product to another trader and goods keep on going hand on hand. Eventually the same product gets exported with almost double price, where the producer is only gaining half profit. We help SME to find direct buyer in offshore so they can sell and earn more revenue and flourish their businesses.

4.    Legal and other Procedure: Most of the Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) or farmers do not have any idea or knowledge how to export their product in overseas or they find exporting processes are very complicated. We take care of everything from packaging for export to selling and paying them for sold goods, so a producer can have peace of mind and concentrate what they are best at, producing their quality products.

5.    Product Knowledge: Due to lack of knowledge in hope to gain more profit, often small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) or farmers produces some product which is not in high demand in overseas market. Which leads to almost loss or no profit. We consult with our clients and advise them which products could be beneficial and which products are not.


Importer's Point of View


  1. Finding Seller:Many Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) find difficult or completely not aware of how to find seller in overseas market. We take active role to seller for our clients.
  2. Finding Reliable Seller: Due to lack of knowledge in overseas market many times a Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) makes business deal with an entity or person who seems genuine and SME sends them advance payment, however after sending the advance payment SME dose not get the delivery of the goods and faces huge loss. Sometimes when an Importer gets sample of a product it seems to be pretty impressive and very high quality product. However after receiving the shipment the importer finds out quality of the product is not up to the mark which he/she has received. We take care of this type of issues. If an importer sending advance money we make sure that the seller is either delivering the goods on time or refunding the entire amount if the seller is not able to deliver. We also ensure that the buyer gets exact same quality of goods similar to sample product which has been sent earlier without any deviation or compromise in the product quality.
  3. Avoiding Middle Agents: Most of the time SME imports goods which arrives to him/her via two or more agents/channels. Eventually the product price increases. We directly deal with the producers, so there are no one in between except us. And eventually the price of the goods are comparatively lesser. In this case our clients have more option to gain more profit and competing with his/her/their competitors by selling the same product in comparatively lower price than his/her/their competitors are selling.
  4. No legal formalities or paperwork: Every export import company takes no responsibility of your order to deliver from your home country’s sea or airport, where you have to collect the consignment by yourself after going through all paperworks. We give you the option to receive your order from your desired sea or airport. However if you do not wish to go through lot of paperwork and legal formalities then we also find reliable customs agent for you to receive your order on behalf of you and after all legal formalities deliver the product at your shop.
  5. Lowest Price and Highest Quality: Since we leave no middle person in between, we offer lowest price in compare to current market price. And we deliver you the best quality product in your shop from around the world depending upon your requirement. For an example Swiss chocolate and wrist watch, Indian pure cotton cloths, Ghana/ Ivory Coast Cocoa, Indian/ Italian leather shoe etc.
  6. Small Quantity Purchase: No other export import company would offer you small quantity order facility. We are the only company who would offer you to buy products in very small quantities, for an example: for shoes every export import company has a minimum requirement of 500 pairs per order, however our minimum order quantity starts from 20 pairs for your ease of purchase.
  7. Payment through PayPal: No export import company would let you pay through PayPal, instead they would ask you for advance wire transfer. We are the only one who offers payments upto $1500 USD through PayPal. For more than $1500 transaction, we use Letter of Credit or Payment against Bill of Lading.